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10 Simple Rules That Can Help You Ace Your Opinion Essay

In an opinion paper, you will take a stance or a side on a subject, and then support your view with strong research. The most common mistake with this type of essay is that the writer gets too emotional and bases his or her view on flimsy and unsupported ideas. The paper can be written successfully with the guidance of a few easy tips.

10 Simple Rules in Order to Ace Your Opinion Essay

  1. Pick a good topic-the topic will need to have a lot of valid support, pick an innovative topic that has not been over used , try to be fresh and exciting
  2. Use the emotions, but keep an academic tone-use your passion, but make sure that you do not lose that academic tone
  3. Use academic databases-if you are not sure which databases are academic, ask the media specialist for help
  4. Make sure of strong support-each main idea will need 4-5 pieces of strong research for support, the support should come from credible and valid sources
  5. Write in steps-break the entire project up into a series of small steps, so it does not seem so overwhelming to you. Then work on the steps for little bit each night, don’t try to do the entire thing in one sitting
  6. Consider the other side or other argument-look at the other point of view, then you can come up with their ideas on the subject and have an answer for each of them
  7. Proof and edit-the paper could have perfect content, but be riddled with grammar or spelling errors, you need to proof the paper, if you can’t do this, ask a friend to do so
  8. Talk to the experts-the interview, via email, in person, or phone, is one of the strongest supports you can have, reach out to the experts and try to get an interview
  9. Transitions-many people forget to use transitions in their compositions, make sure you use these important tools as you move from paragraph to paragraph
  10. Get help-the job of getting help could come from many ways, you could ask a friend, see your teacher, hire a tutor, go to a writing lab, look online, or hire a writing company; know when you are in over your head and seek help when you need it

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