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Essay Topics About Discipline: 20 Questions You Should Explore

Punishment. Self-control. Rewards. Students who have to write an essay about discipline have several subtopics to choose from. This topic can be approached in so many different academic areas, from psychology and education to sports and business. Without discipline, people can quickly fail to achieve their dreams and goals. With all of the different topics about discipline, there are a variety of different questions that students can ask as a way to get their essays organized and written. Here are 20 questions that can become the focus of a successful paper:

  1. What is the best way to discipline an elementary student with behavioral issues?
  2. How does a coach instill discipline in an athlete?
  3. What is the benefit of practicing discipline in a yoga class?
  4. How does discipline help people succeed at their diets?
  5. What does positive discipline look like in a high school classroom?
  6. How do college students develop discipline to attend class and complete their homework?
  7. How to freelance writers use self-discipline to complete their writing assignments?
  8. How do psychotropic drugs help people use self-discipline?
  9. Is self-discipline overrated in today’s society?
  10. What is plate discipline in baseball and how do batters achieve it?
  11. How can parents help their children become self-disciplined?
  12. When people want to save money, how can they become disciplined to succeed?
  13. What type of discipline is needed for self-employed people to succeed?
  14. How do athletes show discipline when performing?
  15. How does discipline in school affect the way that students behave in the workplace?
  16. Who affects student self-discipline more: school employees or parents?
  17. What is the best way to instill self-discipline in employees?
  18. What makes people fail to develop a sense of self-discipline?
  19. Are punishments or rewards more effective in instilling discipline in family pets?
  20. How do parents know if they are trying too hard to instill discipline in their children?

Prior to writing the question, it is important to think about how the question can be answered. The question should not be too broad, because it will not lead to a good answer that can be discussed in an essay. The question should apply to the class topic and it should be interesting to the student. It should also be something that can be researched and proved. In many cases, a yes-or-no question is the best to write, because the paper will only discuss the yes or no answer.


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