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What Is The Best Way To Organize Your Compare And Contrast Essay?

This article will describe the best way to organize your compare and contrast essay. It depends on the length of the paper. This gives you an idea of how many paragraphs you have to compare your thesis. You decide how deep you want to go in making your comparison of the two or more subjects.

  1. Go through and make a list of subjects that interest you. Figure out which will be the easiest to research from the subject’s similarities and differences. The subjects that offer the most in distinguishing comparisons will make the better thesis material.
  2. You should draw up an outline or diagram. You can write down the material in the correct order from paragraph to paragraph. You should know the meanings of both thesis so you can define the work. Draw a solid conclusion of the meaning.
  3. Explain three or more key points that two subjects have in common. Show both the differences and similarities of the thesis. Show the strengths and weaknesses of both sides. These choices will help you decide what side you want to take on the subject matter.
  4. Lead your reader in the direction you need them to go to see your point-of-view. Your writing is the deciding factor on how the reader accepts the explanations of the subjects. Be sure to offer the best reasons you feel support your opinion on the differences of each subject. This will make your material seem that much more understandable.
  5. Remember the first paragraphs in the body are all about the positives of why you think that particular subject stands out. Give a through description of these differences in each paragraph. This will give strength and meaning to the paper. The last body paragraph should talk about the second less meaningful subject. It should give positive insights while showing while it is the less impressive.
  6. The conclusion should go over the meaning of the thesis. It should run down the similarities that draw the two subjects together. Then it should briefly separate the subjects by the differences that make your point of the paper.

The better you get to know all the points of these subjects the stronger the breakdown. You do not want one to sound superior to the other. This would make the choice obvious. Your comparisons and contrasting should explain in an even paced separation why your side is the way to see things. If you want more information on compare and contrast essays, you can get help online.


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