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Cuban Politics

Cuba is known as the country with the worst form of dictatorship in the world. This has led to many people moving away from Cuba and going to settle in other countries. Sportsmen are the worst affected as most of them have preferred doing their trade in other countries. About 200 athletes have refused to play for the Cuban national teams and moved to other countries. All these athletes are stars in different games who could not cope with the dictatorial government of Cuba. The most iconic of them all is Jose Ariel Contreras who went to exile in United States due to political reasons. He is now a renowned symbol of American baseball. Many other people have been forced to flee Cuba. The political heat is so much and the leaders of opposition political parties, journalists against the government and human rights activists are arrested and jailed without trial. The dictatorship in Cuba, in an attempt to achieve a communist society has gone ahead to destroy the traditional society of the Cuban people.

Political Leaders

The Cuban constitution passed in 1976 states that the presidential term is 5 years. There is however no limit on the number of terms that a president can serve. The National Assembly of Cuba has 609 members and they serve a term of five years. They are elected through a public referendum. Those who are eligible to vote are the citizens of Cuba above sixteen years of age. They however must not be convicted guilty of any criminal offense. Cubans vote through a secret ballot and should be free and fair. The constitution of Cuba does not allow for delegates to clinch seats unopposed and there must be at least two candidates in an elective position. The candidates must also not exceed eight. For the delegates to be declared winners they must garner above 50% of all the valid votes cast in their district. Council of State or the Ministers is elected by the members of the National Assembly. Cuba allows people to run as private candidates thus giving a chance for anybody willing to vie.

Communist Party

The Communist Party has great influence in the politics of Cuba. It does not however mean that you must be in the party for you vie and win an election. The effect o f the party is only on its members as they are obliged to vote in accordance to what the party has decided. CP is not also involved in decisions about the formation of government.


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