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Edgar Allan Poe

E. A. Poe is one of the notable American editors, poets, literary critics and authors who were part of the Romantic Movement in the United States. Poe is well remembered for his tales of the macabre and mystery. He was among the earliest practitioners about the short story in the history of the United States. The founding of the detective fiction genre is greatly attributed to his efforts and contribution in the world of literature.

Most importantly, Poe was acknowledged for his contribution to the science fiction genre that came into vigor at a time when literature seemed to have certain limitations. He provoked thought and engagement through all his works. He had completely given himself to writing and considered it to be a sole source of income. However, this made his career and life very difficult.

Early Life

Poe was born in 1809 in Boston in the United States and became the second child of two seasoned actors. However, his father would abandon the family a barely a year after his birth. Her mother unfortunately died in 1811 and then Poe lived his life as an orphan at this tender age and was taken in by one John and Frances Allan who lived in Richmond, Virginia.

His life went through a lot of challenges because he was not formally adopted by the two who apparently had fights over his upkeep and learning. He would later on join the University of Virginia for barely a semester because of financial reasons. After unsuccessfully fighting to get back to school, he was conscripted into the army using the same name.

Publishing Career

Poe’s journey of becoming an author started in the most unlikely settings and backgrounds. Literally, he was half-baked and no one would have thought he would end up being a writer even after joining the military.

He did not succeed as an officer’s cadet and as a result, he firmly declared that we would be a writer and a poet. Frances Allan died in 1829 and later on, Poe discontinued his stay with John Allan. After that, he started to study prose and for a number of years worked for literary periodicals and journals taking a form of literary criticism that made him prominent during his time. Due to his love for poetry and literature, he travelled to many cities like New York, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Poor Poe died in Baltimore at the age of forty in what has remained to be a mystery though with an alleged cause of drugs, alcohol, suicide, brain congestion and heart disease among other agents.


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