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Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal

The legalization of medical marijuana has been a subject to discussions and arguments between doctors and practioners all over the world for years. Especially important for the United States fof America it got only several years ago. When some states have taken this risque step and legalized marijuana for sells to ther citisens, others are still holding the decision back. Noone can name their process of decision-making too slow or action-less. In a question like this one cannot take too much time to study all of the possible negstive consequences.

First of all, noone can deny that marijuana, even it's clinically used type, is extremely addictive for most of the people. The fact that this addiction does not cause severe withdrawal pain cannot mean that the addiction does not exist at all. Human organism gets used to it, as to each and every drug substance and even if a positive effect is visible at first, the condition of the patient might get drastically worse, when the treatment is over.

Secondly, there are visible consequences of marijuana usage on the mental health of the patient. Studies show that some individuals are influenced by it much more seriously than by cigarette smoking. Often usage of marijuana, even in the clinical dosage, can lead to severe changes in the brain structure. Patients, continuosly treated with the help of marijuana, show signs of poor memory. Also, the younger the patient is, the more serious the influence. Therefore, prescriptions of this medicine for children shall be limited.

Third, if marijuana is legalized for usage as a medicine, an extrmely hard effort is needed to contain it as such. Given the fact that it is the most abused drug in the United States, extreme measures need to be taken for the clinical marijuana not to get to the wrong hands. If people, who abuse marijuana regulary usually do not have any problems with obtaining it, we can only imagine the situation when it is legalized, even if only as a medicine.

Taken into consideration the reasons, stated ealrier and many more that exist outside of this essay, it is cleary visible that a serious research shall be conducted before a state can legalize something as dangerous. We cannot further risk mental and physical well-being of the nation. Whether or not the profit for clinical usage of marijuana overcomes the negative consequences, is yet to be proved.


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