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The Aging Of Women

Some of the common aging symptoms in women are: dull and thinning hair, spotty and wrinkled skin, loss of teeth and browning of teeth, saggy breasts, loss of sense of smell and tastes, and crow’s feet. Additionally, with age, ill health becomes common, rendering some woman inactive. Diseases such as cancers, arthritis and hypertensions are very common from 50 years of age. Regardless of the symptoms of experienced, most doctors agree that aging in women is determined by the changes in the hormonal levels.

The first sign that a woman is one the path to aging is when menstrual periods stop. This is normally at the age of 45-55 years, and it implies that the ovaries have stopped making estrogen and progesterone. As a result, no eggs are released, and the vaginal walls become thinner and drier. Thus, a woman wills stop having the menstruation and cannot conceive. Still, a woman cannot maintain a pregnancy due to lower levels of the levels of progesterone.

In addition to the regulation of menstrual cycle, estrogen hormone affects urinary tract, heart and blood vessels, the brain, the skin, and mucous membranes. Therefore, when this hormone ceases to be secreted after the age of 45, many organs may fail to function well, and hence the symptoms of the aging process will begin showing. Evidently, many women do not embrace the changes that come with aging, and may therefore seek for options to try and manage it.

There are various ways of slowing down the process of aging in women. The most common one is hormone replacement. Doctors administer a combination of estrogen and progesterone hormones to women to help reduce some the aging symptoms. Initially, a woman has to go through various checks to indicate whether they are healthy enough to go through hormone replacement process.

Unfortunately, some women will not qualify for hormone replacement because of prevailing health conditions. In such instances, women use various products such as creams and pills readily available in the market to manage the symptoms. Still, various medications and other forms of treatment can help deal with some health conditions experienced at old age.

All women are advised to maintain healthy lifestyle by doing exercising, eating proper diet and stopping habits such as smoking. Further, creating worthwhile relationships and keeping busy can help in managing the stress that comes with aging. Nonetheless, all most of the signs of aging and the treatment or management options in women are centered on the change of reproductive hormones.


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