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Nollywood refers to the film business in Nigeria. The Nollywood industry is the third world’s largest producers of feature movies. A film production takes around 10 days and an approximate budget of $15000. Thus the films are produced on very tight budgets and time deadlines. The first movies in Nollywood film production were in the 1960s. The efforts were not fruitful as the costs on production were very high. The films were made on celluloid. They were screened in diverse cinema houses before release.

In 1992, Kenneth Nnubue bought video cassettes. The cassettes were filmed on video cameras. Later in the 1990s the industry gained prominence. The adoption of English language in Nollywood industry has led to its international growth and prominence. The industry employs thousands of the Nigerian citizens. Nollywood has been in existence for 13 years, the enterprise has witnessed an annual growth of $250Million. The massive growth can be attributed to technological development and entrepreneurship.

Nollywood productions

The major production studios in Nigeria include Golden Effects studios, The Audrey Silver Company and the Mainframe studios. The prominent producers have their offices in Lagos. It is worth noting that most of the straight to video films are shot on locations. The locations include restraints, homes and bureaus. The actors and producers rent the premises. At other times, the premises may be obtained on credit.

The movies that are shot in Nigeria different region dictate the local dialect to be used. For example, the Northern region majorly uses the Hausa dialect. Those shot in south Eastern region use the Igbo local language.

The film industry in Nigeria is capturing the international scene. International audiences are watching the Nigerian-made movies. Moreover, international actors are becoming part of the Nigerian movies. This has led to international co-productions. This is despite the fact the movies are themed around African morals. The themes help in promoting morals, the dilemmas facing the African natives and matters of religious importance.

The challenges of Nollywood productions

Some of the best actors work on several productions at the same time. This leads to failure of showing up when needed. This delays and inconveniences the production of the movie. In addition, the security of the team is not guaranteed. Some thugs push the production team to pay so as shot the movies in their locations. However, this doesn’t discourage the producers and actors. This is because the team is determined to tell their story in their own way.

The Nollywood film industry has witnessed a substantial growth. The first movie production was in the 1960s. However, the industry gained prominence in the 1990s. The use of English language together with the local dialects has led to the growth of Nollywood movies.


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