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Simple Instructions For Creating A Good Critical Analysis Essay

All critical analysis essays have a similar format. They entail evaluating a given book, film, article or a painting. The objective of evaluating another writer’s work is to interpret it into simpler thesis for easy comprehension by the reader. The following are simple instructions on how to craft a good one. This includes four main stages: preparation, conducting research, writing the essay and revising it.


This first step involves understanding the given topic. The writer should carefully read it and be sure to apprehend it. If you are not well versed with it, inquire for support from experienced personnel who can aid you understand it. The key requirement in this type of text is to evaluate a book, a movie, an article or a painting. Therefore, writers should first be very conversant with the primary text. It is advisable to read it or watch it a couple of times before moving a notch higher. Remember to make short notes that will help you commemorate significant opinions and ideas from the principal text. These should be sufficient to resolve the following questions:

  • What is the key point from the text?
  • What are the secondary ideas?
  • What is the general reaction of the author about the text?
  • What is the aim of this text?
  • Does the text attain this purpose?

After noting down crucial points, review them to determine the flow of ideas and the distinctive problems from it. As a writer, try to ascertain some solutions for some of the problems presented.

Conduct research

Carry out investigations using distinct resources such as appropriate books, articles, journals and from trustable websites. It is also recommended to employ the library database . These resources should provide credentials about the author, should be non-biased and should have appropriate citations. After conglomerating all required sources, carefully read them and take brief notes.

Write the article

For this case, do not state facts but rather employ disputable thesis. Before you commence drafting your paper, take time to prepare a rough outline of the opinions to be included. The statements should be complete with no contradiction. The main body of your article should adopt the following format:

  • Background information
  • Introduction
  • Summery
  • Thesis
  • Conclusion and recommendations
  • Citations

Basing on the above format, conclude your text by giving a brief summary of what is entailed in it. This should at least cover 10 percent of the entire article. Give recommendations of what should be improved on basing on the primary text.

Revise it

The objective of this step is to correct on the possible errors that might have occurred in the course of writing. This should be done some time after completing your writing.


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