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Advice For Composing A Strong Essay About Smoking

As the world becomes more conscious of the hazards of tobacco and the resulting cancer,you can be assured that you will be assigned essays on cancer in such school classes as health or science. The papers will need to be current and creative, as advancements are made concerning the subject on a daily basis. Use our six pieces of advice for composing a strong essay about smoking.

Tips for Your Essay on Smoking

  1. Narrow down the subject-the topic is just too broad for you to write about all of it in one paper. Your paper would be a thousand pages long. Entire books and volumes of books have been written on the subject. Since this will be an issue, decide what part of the topic you wish to compose your paper on such as teenagers and tobacco.
  2. Use current research-since the field is studied daily and new reports are constantly being released, make sure your sources are current and credible. You could weaken your paper by using out-of-date information. Always look to implement the most recent studies.
  3. Talk to the experts-consider calling or emailing the experts in the field and using an interview as a part of your paper. This piece of support will show effort and energy in the research of your subject.
  4. Talk to your teacher-as you work on this piece, remember that your writing teacher or the teacher who assigned the piece is the expert. You need to make sure to go to see him or her if you have any difficulty at all in researching or composing the paper.
  5. Work with a friend-working with a friend can make a tough task easier. You can ask the friend to read, proof, or even assist you with edits in the composition. Eyes other than your own will always find the mistakes that you might miss.
  6. Different types of essays-this subject is great in that you can write in many different styles. Your paper can be descriptive, argumentative, persuasive, or even cause and effect. The topic lends itself to almost every single type of composition.

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