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A List Of Unique Problem Solution Essay Topics To Consider

Problem-solution essays can be one of the easiest ones out there. You already have a basic guideline of what your essay should entail – a problem and a solution. You can choose from so many different topics, and the best part is, you can choose one that interests you! We don't always have that choice.

You need to present a problem, propose a solution, and then give valid reasons as to why your solution is logical. You can't just say 'because I said so'; you have to back that up with facts, sources or examples. You need to pick a problem that has a solution that you can obtain. If the outcome is impossible then there isn't much point in writing an essay about it. You should try to suggest actions that your readers can take, so make them realistic.

When presenting your solution you need to convince the readers that yours is the best course of action to take; that it is the best and most logical choice compared to others. As long as you truly believe that it is, and you can provide a strong argument, this shouldn't be much of a problem. You don't have to prove yourself beyond a reasonable doubt, just tell your readers the truth.

  • Here are some topics that you might find useful.
  • Stress relief – the benefits of meditation
  • Reducing the number of college drop-outs by making college free of charge
  • Toxic relationships – how to get out of them
  • Lowering the rate of text-related car accidents
  • How to prevent drinking and driving
  • High school drop-outs – how to prevent kids from being disinterested in school
  • How to help the lower class by raising taxes of the wealthy
  • How to stop/treat motion sickness
  • How exercise can improve symptoms of depression
  • How to reduce the rates of unemployment
  • How the number of abandoned homes can be reduced by housing the homeless
  • How to protect and preserve wildlife, endangered or otherwise
  • How to stop (or reduce) pollution
  • Steps to take against racism and harmful stereotypes
  • Ways to prevent teen pregnancy
  • Ways to discourage kids from doing drugs
  • How to deal with illegal immigration
  • How gun control can prevent gun violence
  • The best way to rehabilitate prisoners
  • How pollution is changing the climate and what we can do to stop it
  • How staying hydrated can help with sleep and concentration

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