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How To Create A Strong Position Paper In Nursing: Helpful Techniques

Position papers also know as point of view paper is something every nursing student has to write before they complete their degree. This is where you will presenting your side of the story for others to analyze. It is more like writing a script for a debate so you will have to select a good argumentative topic to make it impressive. Here are a few helpful techniques to make it strong and remarkable.

Tips to get you started:

  • To understand how the structure of the paper will be you can download a few templates. The templates and samples will make the job lot easier and you will not have to worry about learning all the guidelines and rules in details. You can get decent templates on position pares online. There quite a few websites which have templates on different topics. If you are still confused you can get the template verified by your seniors or teachers.
  • Since you will be presenting arguments you must make sure that the topic is debatable. It is no point writing about a topic where everyone shares the same views. Select an important topic which will be worth all the effort. There are quite a few concerns in the nursing industry and you will have no dearth of topics that are challenging.
  • After you select a topic, do your homework. There will be enough materials to research and fact finding. You can also present case studies. If you have not got enough resources you can always try one of the health clinics around you to get relevant data.
  • Plan ahead of writing. This ultimately pays off because you do not have to backtrack for information or modify your paper because of missing important points. Since you already have a template, follow its lead to get the format right. Once you have the format right you can arrange the various points you are going to discuss according to its relevance.
  • Give your recommendation along with highlighting an issue. Do not leave t by saying what is wrong, point out a possible way out or a solution. This will lend credibility to your point of view.
  • After you have completed the paper do some proofreading. It is a great way to polish the paper and eliminate all the minor mistakes that you may have made while writing.

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