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How To Come Up With An Outstanding Descriptive Essay Topic

Descriptive essays are considered amongst the easiest writing assignments out there. It basically asks students to describe something; it can be a person, a place, a situation, and even an emotion. But like in all other types of writing, developing a really good essay topic is a key to success. This is easier said than done and is often the cause of students’ procrastination and even writer’s block when it comes down to getting it done. So we’ve put together these tips for coming up with an outstanding descriptive essay topic:

Use a Group Discussion Session

Some students have a difficult time developing topics all their own, so they should consider sitting in a group to simply talk about the things that interest them. Getting some input, thoughts and opinions will certainly get those creative juices flowing.

Brainstorm or Create a Mind Map

These techniques have been helping students write great papers for years. It simply involves starting with a simple idea and developing related topics around it. You can start with something as simple as “animals” for instance, then move on to dogs, and so forth. The further you branch out the more ideas you will generate, so keep going until you found a really good one.

Create a List of Ideas

You don’t have to sit down for a specific number of minutes to get this done. Your list can be ongoing and can include everything that has interested you in the last year. But really, it only takes about a day or two to compose a list long enough that it has great potential descriptive essay topics.

Watch, Listen and Read

A great way to develop ideas is to consistently watch, listen for and read information. We spend so much time online reading partial articles on homepages, listen to snippets from the evening news and watch for things happening around. All of these can be excellent sources of ideas. Just jot things down in a notepad and brainstorm some ideas.

Practice Some Writing Exercises

You might not yet have an outstanding descriptive essay topic yet, but with a little more effort you will. Our last tip is to get started on some writing exercises. Our favorite is flipping to a random noun in a dictionary or using a random word generator to give you a term to start your exercise from. Just be creative and write around the word. You’ll have a pretty good idea in not time.


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