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Descriptive Essay Writing: How To Create A Winning Introduction

The introduction is the opening and essential part of a descriptive essay; it contains the basic information and as if tells the reader what the text is about. A good introductory paragraph makes the reader want to read it by the end. The trick is to persuade the reader that your essay is really worth reading further; the problem is how to create such an effect and “open” your composition as successfully as possible. Here are some tips for you to follow and write outstanding introductions.

  1. Make it informative.
  2. Write three or four key statements of your essay; then combine the relevant information into an informative opening part.

  3. Make it laconic.
  4. Even if the essay itself is going to be long, don’t write a long introduction. Remember: brevity is the soul of wit. Your task is to catch the reader’s attention, and the reader will soon become bored reading long sentences and numerous-lined paragraphs. What’s more, the part including only basic information simply can’t be long.

  5. Catch the reader’s attention.
  6. Of course, writing the introduction you should keep to the rules, but if it’s usual and trite, it automatically becomes boring and makes the same impression about the whole text. Your task is to catch the reader’s attention. In an essay, your main and the only weapon is word, that’s why make the most of it and use it skillfully. Add a special detail which won’t leave the reader indifferent and make him or her go on reading your creation. This can be, for example, a stunning fact of what you are writing about, an original and unusual statement or a question.

  7. Ask questions.
  8. Such a trick helps to intrigue the reader. Ask a question and make the reader look for the answer in body paragraphs or even in the conclusion; it’s like a game. The more provocative the question is, the better.

  9. Write it in simple words.
  10. First of all, a well-done piece of writing should be readable, that is, written in simple words and short sentences, otherwise it becomes abstruse and boring as the result. Don’t forget that an essay is not a dissertation, after all. If you are eager to enrich your writing with a couple of sophisticate words, don’t overload the text with them; use one or two in your introduction as a trick to catch attention, for example.

  11. Write it in the end.
  12. Experience shows that writing opening sentences is quite problematic, especially if you want to make the introduction really winning and impressive. It’s better to cope with the body paragraphs and only after that get down to writing the introduction and conclusion.


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