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An Ethical Dilemma

A young single woman who falls pregnant is faced with some choices that may be difficult to make. Her choice will likely be influenced by many factors like logic, emotion, and ethics. She will need to find the right balance between all of these in order to make the right decision for all parties involved, including herself and the child.

A rock and a hard place

Whatever decision the young mother makes, there are consequences to it. If she chooses termination of the pregnancy, she knows she will have to live with the guilt of that decision for the rest of her life. If she decides to keep the child, her life will change and being a single mother will put many restrictions on her life. If she gives the child up for adoption, she will lose her opportunity to be a mother.

Ethical, logical or emotional?

One could argue that the choice of termination conflicts with her morals. She sees abortion as murder and cannot easily reconcile with that decision. However, mainstream society may not see it that way and so she knows that she can do it and carry on with her life as normal. This would be the logical decision, but would conflict with her emotional wellbeing and her morals. Her option to keep the child may not be logically motivated because it would be hard on her and would stun the development of a steady career and relationship. This decision would be made from an emotional standpoint, but may not make logical sense in its rawest form.

The after affects of the decision

In the end, the young woman must weigh up what the consequences of each action will be. We have already looked at her three options and their effects on herself and the child. The woman will have to decide which of those consequences she can live with. Can she live an externally successful life knowing that she had an abortion? Can she be a mother and live a life of difficulty? Can she give her child to someone else and live with a hole in her heart knowing that her child is somewhere out there?

In the end, the woman is likely to side with an ethically motivated decision. Ethical dilemmas have a way of presenting us with choices we already know we have to make. She will decide—based on her beliefs—to take responsibility for her actions and raise the child herself. This decision may be hard, but in her eyes, they are right


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