Tips For Successful Essay Writing

5 Fail-Safe Tips On How To Find Quality Essay Examples In No Time

Why students seem to dread writing a very simple essay more than doing calculus problems, I’ll never know. Writing an essay can be much less time-consuming, overall, and much more enjoyable if you know a few simple tricks, that I am going to share with you –RIGHT NOW!

  1. Write About What You Already Know + Want to Learn More About
  2. One thing I’ve discovered in my many years as a writer is that the research and writing process is much more fun if you pick a topic that you already wanted to read more about and learn more about. For example, I have been wondering exactly how beneficial roller skating is for one’s health lately and know I need to research that before I invest in good roller skates, right? I’m also interested in really investing some research time into the problem of adrenal fatigue as I have been diagnosed with this and there’s not a lot of solid research I’ve found yet. So, if there’s a major research paper coming up then why not write about adrenal insufficiency? It would be a much needed learning process for me and the writing would really flow with all the recent reading I’ll have to do.

  3. Make Sure To Give Yourself, as Far s Time Goes, PLENTY OF TIME + FOUR DAYS extra
  4. Allow yourself lots of time for writing. Why? Some days, you simply won’t feel like it or will put it off. Writing is famous for inspiring postponement.

  5. Make sure to have a strong thesis statement, in every single paper/essay
  6. Every paper you write must have one thing that is crucial to all academic writing, and that is a thesis statement. You can write a thesis statement in the first or the third person – either is alright, but some teachers have preferences on this so ask yours. The thesis statement is located at the end of the introduction and it tells your reader what the essay will set out to do.

  7. Make sure your body paragraphs provide enough evidence for that thesis.
  8. The body of the paper is where you develop your argument – it is where you prove the thesis you have established in the introduction. If you have said in your thesis statement that your essay will demonstrate why we should take action now to save our polar wildlife, then your body paragraphs should fully explore your topic.

  9. Make sure to proofread and revise—revision is when the magic happens.

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