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Getting Argumentative Essay Examples For High School

If you are tasked with writing a high school level argumentative essay, you may be a bit unfamiliar with the writing process or what is expected of you. That is a perfectly natural feeling, one which often accompanies being tasked with something new. One of the ways that you can combat any anxiety or apprehension is to find an example.

So where can you find a great argumentative essay example for high school level students?

  • You can ask your teacher. The person who assigned you this writing task is probably the most qualified person to give you a sample. Many students will be given an assignment in conjunction with a sample. Teachers will actually review a sample paper on an overhead projector or a PowerPoint presentation, so that students get some feel for what is expected of them. Now the paper the teacher uses in class may not be the highest caliber. It might be something better than average grade but nonetheless it can be helpful to you because it will show you exactly what you can do to earn the grade that you want. If you only need a passing grade and the sample you are reviewing is one that earned a passing grade, you know exactly what expectations you have to meet. If the paper is an example of a passing grade and you want to get the best grade possible you can see what qualifies as passing and then build upon that knowledge to make something even better.

  • Your school library is a great place to search for potential topics as well as a sample. When you are visiting the library look for a bulletin board. Some libraries have a bulletin board or some form of display board where they offer samples that pretty students are written. Generally this is meant to showcase success from other students but that does not mean that you can't turn it into a beneficial learning tool.

  • If they do not have such a board, you can ask your teacher or your library and if they have samples that are someplace else. They might not be on display now but they may have previously displayed them in my keep them on file somewhere else. It never hurts to ask.

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