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Essay Help Online: 5 Ingredients Of A Successful Paper

If you were to ask five different people how to bake great chocolate chip cookies you would get five different recipes. The same is true for writing successful academic papers: if you ask five people who to write one you will get five different answers. Looking closely, however, each of their answers will have similar ingredients that ALL successful papers should have. Those are:

  1. Choosing an Excellent Topic
  2. The first ingredient to writing a successful paper is selecting a challenging and interesting topic to explore. It’s said that your enthusiasm will show through your writing if you maintain a positive attitude throughout the research and writing stages of your assignment. When you choose a topic be sure that it isn’t too narrow that you can’t find enough information in journals or books, nor that it is too broad that you simply cannot match the scope.

  3. Having a Clear Thesis Statement
  4. The best thesis statements are written clearly and concisely. There are several methods to crafting a great thesis statement, but essentially you want to achieve a single statement that declares in simple terms your position on a debatable issue or subject.

  5. Developing an Outline
  6. Some writers claim to be able to sit right down and churn out great pieces without having to create an outline. Most academic writers, however, will say that developing an outline is an absolute must. Not only does it keep your thoughts organized, it also keeps you on track as you compose your first draft. Don’t skip this vital step if you want to make the process as easy as possible.

  7. Writing a Rough Draft
  8. Your rough draft should be written without stopping to make any kind of corrections to grammar, punctuation or spelling. This is to say that you should aim to finish your rough draft in a single sitting, writing quickly and efficiently. Get all of your ideas down, regardless if they feel out of place or repetitive. You will have time to make corrections to your content in the next stage.

  9. Revising, Proofreading and Editing
  10. This last ingredient to writing a successful paper is extremely important, yet it gets skipped by more students than you would imagine. To revise means to re-vision your paper. Look for ways to rearrange your content, remove excessive parts, and consider parts that you could add to make your paper better. You also want to thoroughly proofread and edit your paper to find ways to correct syntax, sentence construction, and any errors you have made to grammar, punctuation and spelling.


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