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How To Find Three Paragraph Essay Examples For Free: 5 Tips To Follow

Nowadays it’s not easy to find a good three paragraph essay example for free. But a lot of students need some samples to understand how to write their own papers. While many resources that were accessible several years ago don’t exist now, there are a few ways to find appropriate examples for your work nevertheless. Follow the tips given bellow and you will succeed.

  1. Look at the online writing lab of your college.
  2. It’s probably one of the best places for you to look. In such a lab you usually can find not only sample papers but grammar explanations and videos with instructions. Examples from labs can be very useful also because most of them are written in MLA or APA style. It will help you see how your future work should look like.

  3. Find websites that specialize in essay writing.
  4. Some free sample papers can be found at such websites. Usually they have blog posts with a number of free examples. These papers are likely to be written by professional writers. So, they can serve as very good examples for your future essay. You can even copy the style of an example if you liked it very much. But in such a case it’s better to have different topics with the sample to avoid copying of the content.

  5. Look at the essay competition websites.
  6. Such sites are also very good sources for you. While they post many winning works you can learn a lot from them. You will find individual styles and creativeness in these papers. Maybe they will inspire you to develop your own recognizable style.

  7. Avoid the sites of poor quality.
  8. It’s better to analyze the sites you visit before looking for paper samples on them. Read the comments and reviews of the customers about each website first. Even the sites with big amounts of downloads can appear to be poor. If you don’t check the site first you can waste your time reading bad examples that won’t do any good for your future work.

  9. Ask your friends.
  10. You can ask your elder friends and acquaintances what sources they used when preparing their own essays. Sometimes it can be very helpful. You can never know what advice you may get.

You also must remember the most important thing. Don’t copy anything from the samples you’ve found. Use them just to improve your own skills. Otherwise, you may get troubles being accused of plagiarism.


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