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Advanced Tips On Writing An Essay About The Ozone Layer

The ozone is the most important protection that surrounds the earth, it prevents ultra violet and other harmful radiation from reaching the surface of the earth. The ozone layer can be damaged through the use of industrial chemicals. When the layer thins or is damaged that is when there are risks to the heath for all the inhabitants of earth.

From reading the first paragraph of this article you can see that the subject of the ozone layer is very important. You need to carefully focus on the depth and breadth of how you will handle this subject. You can choose to handle this task by updating previous work or by making a comparison between different papers and articles and their handling of information.

There is a plethora of information that can be accessed to write an essay about the ozone layer, and you could choose to write using your own ideas. Some of these ideas may have been instigated by work you have already covered in your course, or other ideas that feel you would like to explore in greater depth.

Where to start?

  • Decide on your thesis. If you are not sure then talk over a few ideas with your tutor. Make a few notes before you meet. If you are unsure of how you are going to structure your work then have a chat with a Learning Support Tutor who will give you a few ideas and plan some milestones.

  • Find examples. Look on line for essay examples. Do check first to make sure that the examples are free, and that they are good examples. Ideally you need to look at good and exceptional examples so that you can see how other people have worked the topic. You could also ask your tutor for examples.

  • Check your facts. As you read other essays you may find that some facts and figures may need to be updated as research in this area is continuous. You may even find on reading through other essays that some of the detail may be inaccurate or false. So the advice is check and check again.

  • References and Proofreading. Make sure that you are using the correct referencing style. Remember to list all the references that you have used, whether articles, books or journals. Cite all of your sources correctly. Make sure that you carefully read through your work, taking into consideration that it should follow a logical progression of ideas.

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