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A Manual For Choosing Controversial Argument Essay Topics

Writing a controversial argument essay has the intent to engage the audience in a controversy and try to persuade them to take your side in the argument. The controversial essay is essentially a written form of debate that allows the writer the opportunity to clearly formulate their point of view and supporting arguments to create a case for their viewpoint. But, when you are selecting a topic to argue in your essay in can be easy to let your emotions get the best of you and forget the point of the essay. Here are tips for choosing a controversial argument essay topic that will help keep you on track.

International topics and foreign affairs

International topics are always a great choice for a controversial argument such as:

  • Should the UN step in and sanction North Korea for human rights violations?
  • Should Russian be sanctioned for military action in the Ukraine?
  • Should the United States stop policing the world?

Each of these topics has room to develop an argument and both for and against viewpoints and is sure to draw the reader in and encourage them to look at the topic from your viewpoint. Many people may already have an established viewpoint on these particular topics so be sure to highlight your points and give supporting reasons and facts to back up your assumptions.

Global issues and policies

Numerous topics are available dealing with global issues that face every person on the world, so these topics are sure to engage the reader when you compose an argument essay such as:

  • Do people have the right to take their own life?
  • Is there truly global warming or is this a myth?
  • Who controls the moon?
  • Should the earth colonize Mars?

These topics make people consider a world beyond their own and more global topics that will engage the reader and allow for healthy debate. Plus, when you consider these far-reaching topics you will engage the reader’s mind and curiosity about something they may not have considered before.

No matter which type of topic you choose to use, the most important thing to consider is that the topic must be one that you are passionate about. Passionate writing is what makes a controversial essay worth reading, so make sure to select a topic that is important to you and them develop your argument in a clear, structured way in order to make your reader see your viewpoint allowing you to win your written debate.


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