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What Is The Best Way To Begin A Five Paragraph Essay On School Bullying?

As a student, you will be exposed to multiple essay questions which you will be expected to handle accordingly. One of the things that will put you on the safer side is your introductory part. This is what determines whether the reader will go on or will be mind-numbed and give up. Here is an appropriate guideline on how you can begin your essay.


Before you can do anything, it is advisable that you take the first few hours to research about the topic so that you can have sufficient apprehension of it. This is crucial to aid you back up your arguments about school bullying in order to qualify your thesis. One should also draft an outline of the entire paper prior to the writing.

Adhere to the given instructions

Every lecturer has his or her own set principles on how the students should compose the essay, for example, the spacing, the font and the font size.

Write the title

This is the summarized representation of the entire content in the text. These two should always be in line with each other. If one tries to shift, make the necessary adjustments so that the body correctly talks about the title. The title should adopt the correct format as given in the instructions. Furthermore, it should be bold and underlined in order to distinguish it from the first paragraph.

Use entrancing tone

This is relevant when it comes to capturing the reader’s attention. A good writer should use synonyms of the most obvious words but should take care not to change the meaning of the phrase. Use simple words that the reader will quickly comprehend. Avoid employing complicated words and words that display double meaning as these may be difficult to interpret.

Brevity and conciseness

It is good to give out your points but this should have a limit. Do not be too wordy when writing the introductory section of the research paper. Only cover everything in one single paragraph of about four to five lines. Similarly, do not jot down a very short introduction. For instance, do not use only one or two sentences as these are insufficient.

Use appropriate descriptive keywords

Every topic has its own specific descriptive keywords. For instance, your keywords should focus on school bullying to enable the reader apprehend its correct meaning and the associated negative effects. Always be creative in the word choice.


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