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Adolescent Development In Girls

Adolescence is a span of raging passions,blazing emotions,sky rocketing intellectual capacities ,enchanting fantasies that are brimming with an insatiable taste for the eccentric,mercurial and capricious pleasures that this life has to offer.It is an exciting era of rapid and varied changes.This transformation is broken into three dimentions of physical,emotional and intellectual evolution.Change is foreseen in all aspects throughout the body of this evolving female being,from head to toe, characterized by physical changes that result in growth spurts,breast and hip development,onset of periods and pubic hair growth.The brain develops new neuronal pathways and forges new connections firing synapses that result in the capacity to think,reason,learn and remember like a mature intellectually evolved entity. Emotional and social discrepancies during this time are quite painstaking ,with anxiety,depression, insecurities ,negative self talk and worrisome ruminating outbreaks spread throughout the life of an adolescent girl aged 11-16 years.Girls during this foreboding and threatening period forge themselves into sullen shells draped in veils of self critical analysis and judgement.Emotions and feelings run amok mingled with an eye for risk and the unknown so the adolescent mind needs take control and not let the haywire hormonal rush take its toll.

Girls are usually low in self esteem and confidence during these crucial years of self development.Parents need to realize their roles during this sensitive period,especially mothers need to make an effort to strengthen the maternal bond and address such issues, devoid of judgement and critical analysis.This could be incorporated by daily transactions between the mother and the daughter,confiding about the anxieties and ruminations,being proactive by addressing such monsterous fears at face value and making efforts to free their minds from all toxic rummaging,the bond must be a mature one and not a friendly one because the mother needs to take full responsibilty of her child's intellectual,emotional and physical needs.The rebellious streak is at its peak during this difficult period so the parents need to give priority,safety,confidence and personal autonomy to their adolescent daughter so that she can relish herself fully in the beam of transformational growth and fully appreciate the exuberance of this age thats filled with change.Helicopter and enmeshed parents could be a bummer on the road to self transformation accompanied with the drastic effects of negative self talk.Bare in mind that during this sensitive age,every single activity and event leads to an indentation on the agile mind of an adolescent female.Sexual abuse,parental inattentiveness or absence,bullying,teasing and damaged behaviour could provoke lethal consequences for a life time,such as Borderline Personality Disorder-BPD- in the absence of a parent or ignorance of childs needs,Bipolar Personality Disorder -BPD-develops due to the increasing demands of perfection in career development on the female gender during that age, superimposed with contradicting complexities of body image with media limiting the defintion of beauty to its physical expects rather than what they believe and achieve.Such contradictions result in inner turmoil and destructive patterns on such fragile minds and lives.Girls early in adolescence feel most negative about their bodies resulting in eating disorders.Body fat,negative body image, depression and psychopathology all contribute to such behaviours.Girls need to be educated and provided with an understanding of such clinical eating disorders to identify and conquer such pathologies accordingly.Lesbian,gay,bisexual and transgender child needs to be fully supported and encouraged during this stage of inner turmoil.Though adolescent girls look up to friends more, replacing the conventional parental support during trying times, parents need to realize that their daughter needs their support,the absence of such support systems could have negative impacts on the well being and future achievements.

Worth of a girl is not dependant on her appearance and what others think of her.Incorperating firm belief in herself,strong self love,passion for her work,being loyal to everything thats wonderful, beautiful and exuberant in this ethereal journey called life, needs to be the mantra of every adolescent girl in the world because she is not a girl,not yet a woman,but a Divine reflection of ravishing beauty, intellect and a gifted unique personality indeed.Transform negative self talk to positive body affirmations.Empower yourself to deal with these challenges with sheer confidence and a positive attitude.The discrepancies of the social media make the brick load of anxiety beyond endurance.Its high time we take contol.Yes,we can do this!


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