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Gun Control How It Affects The Economy

As a boy growing up in Georgia, guns were a part of our lives. As a solider they, were still part of my life. I own a few guns and plan to buy a few more in the next couple of years. I ask myself, will I be able to do that? Gun control laws may prohibit me from owning several guns. How will gun control laws affect the booming gun industry will it be a thing of the past.

The gun industry has to be worried about state and local regulation. In addition, companies like Mossberg & Sons which has been located in Connecticut since 1919, could move to other states that don’t have the proposed legislation like in Connecticut.” That would touch about 50 percent of our product line as explained by Bartozzi. A lot of other companies like Smith & Wesson also are worried about legislation that would cause restriction of some types of hand guns and assault rifles. In a document released to the SEC, Smith & Wesson wrote, “There can be no assurance that the regulation of firearms will not become more restrictive in the future and that any such restriction would not have a material adverse effect on the business of the company.”

A lot of these people who are asking for these regulation don’t understand guns and their use. People like Ladd Everitt, he said “When an Industry is creating a public hazard, I think some kind of regulation is appropriate,” gun control is needed but not at the cost of the 220,000 highly skilled workers that make guns. Do company invested big money to buy new equipment and hire dozens of people to develop a new product line? You have to ask how this will affect the economy. It should put more money in the economy but passage of legislation at the state level or at the federal level would hurt many company that won’t to do just that. Bartozzi stated “We just invested $4 million dollars in new equipment and hired dozens of people to develop a product line that would be completely wiped out by the proposed Connecticut laws.” So many of the companies want to expand to put more money in the economy but the state and federal government are trying to make laws to keep them from doing this. “What kind of public policy is that? To say to manufacturers, “We feel your product is not safe within our borders, but you can go and sell it outside our borders,” said Bartozzi. Texas is one state that wants the gun manufacturing operation in there state. Former Texas Govern Rick Perry sent letter to 26 gun companies asking to relocate their operations to Texas.

Guns are a big part of many people lives, not only are a lot of companies that coexists with the gun industry, they also depend on the gun industry and the stores that sell this guns. Sporting Gooding company, and Dicks and Gander Mountain lost money because people out cry this hurt this company. Gun Control laws could hurt a booming industry, it could make companies that have been that state of economic progress for many years to decline. Gun control laws could affect the economy, in the states where they are made that will they do to make up the loss can they make up the loss? The gun industry is reasonable for $33.6 billion in economic activity. As a nation can we afford to lose this amount of economic impact?


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