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Coming Up With Essay Topics On Vietnam: Great Suggestions

A very interesting topic for many history fans is the Vietnam War though it is not often a topic in school settings for people seeking to write an essay on it there are many options. Being one of the major and iconic wars of the last 60 years it has left major impact on the collective psyche of the American public in the generation it occurred. So in order to help those who wish to write an essay on the war I will list five possible topics that can be used for an essay on the Vietnam War.

  1. Who really did win the Vietnam War? With so many players involved in the war, it is difficult to so besides the fact of the North Vietnamese eventually getting what they wanted. Before America left the country, they had a 15 to 1 kill ratio in the war yet still failed to win the war on the political front.
  2. What role did China play in the war? China while not directly involved in the war was there to provide weapons and training to the North Vietnamese due to them sharing a northern border. Many people who know about the war do not know the role China played in funding and assisting the Vietcong even sending volunteers to help.
  3. How did the USSR help the Vietcong? The Vietcong liked to portray themselves as a popular uprising trying to drive out the Americans and reunify Vietnam, however they were heavily trained and funded by North Vietnam, China and especially the USSR which sent huge amounts of weaponry to the Vietcong and provided any assistance they could.
  4. Why did the US pull out of Vietnam? What was the driving motivation behind pulling out of Vietnam when the Americans were winning on the waterfront? The American public and general world opinion had turned against the war-making the US lose its nerve.
  5. What was the aftermath of the Vietnam War? What happened in Vietnam when America left? Few people know the brutality and suffering the Vietcong enacted on the population of the South Vietnamese when they conquered and took over. Many people died or were tortured some even had to flee the country in boats to escape the terror that the regime unleashed.

These are but a few of the topics available for those seeking to write about Vietnam and the war that took place there though there are many more.


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