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20 Great Ideas For Expository Essay Topics On Sports

Sports is a dynamic world ergo it is a burgeoning cradle for variety of events. This field promises innumerable writers a constant fodder of topics to write and research on. Writing an expository essay on any sports related topic is neither easy nor entirely arduous. This type of an essay is analogous to an explanatory composition, where you are required to be careful with the choice of topics for you need to provide legitimate information and not your own analysis. Just like the photographers wait along the periphery of any stadium with their cannon like cameras, you too have to be vigilant enough to capture the perfect topic. Until that moment you can make use of these twenty great topics or ideas given below:

  1. Steroid Scandals and abuse of steroids in Sports.
  2. Sport generates tourism as well as the travel business.
  3. The history and evolution of sports: effects of changing times.
  4. Win or win situation in the sports world is the only impetus.
  5. India, the dark horse of the cricket world: A saga.
  6. Indian Cricket Council's effort in diversifying cricket.
  7. Swimming: A study and report of the sport.
  8. The sports of the 'haves' and the 'have nots': A report.
  9. Serena Williams, the undefeated champion of women's tennis.
  10. The story behind understanding hierarchy in sports.
  11. Local sports vs. global sports: The competition.
  12. The controversies behind global brands buying sports.
  13. The swell in Sports Management Business.
  14. Formula One: Not, only a sports for the 'affluents'.
  15. Football: A thriving ground of disorder.
  16. The Rooney Rule: Minorities in the coaching job.
  17. Qualification of skateboarding as a sport than recreation.
  18. The role of gender in the world of gymnastics.
  19. A healthy sportsman: Game of nutrients.
  20. Asian dictatorship in sports like table tennis and badminton.

Other than choosing from these topics, you may switch on the sports channel like that of Espn, Star Sports, Neo Sports etc. Numerous shows are broadcasted every now and then with updated sports news, you can take cue from these and incorporate your own ideas. Remember one thing though, avoid sports which are unheard of, unless you want to end up conducting an extensive research on that. Buy the sports magazines as these never fail to surprise readers with their otherwise uncharted news. The extremity of their collection of news is sometimes beyond human comprehension. Since the sports world is always on the go, you have to completely equip yourself with fresh news. You cannot wait for an event to occur as some team is always on the field attacking while the other defending.


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