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30 Great Essay Topic Ideas For Middle School Students

In middle school, you're figuring your life out. That's why asking you to write an essay is both cruel and cathartic. But what topic to choose? Here's a small list. They are mostly introspective to help the confused little teenager to get to know him or herself. It is very important for teenagers to find themselves as best and fast as possible. So, here we go.

  1. What you want to do when you grow up?
  2. What you want to be when you grow up (don't confuse with the one above).
  3. What is love?
  4. Why does the opposite sex suddenly interest me? (Use for biology and hormone development studies)
  5. What I like to do on weekends.
  6. Chores, why do they exist? (Analyze their existence and purpose)
  7. My favorite subject and why it is.
  8. What do you think makes a good teacher?
  9. How do you think you can do your homework more effectively?
  10. If I could live in any country in the world, it would be… Because…
  11. Can my hobby become my career path?
  12. Ten things I always wanted to know but never had the courage to ask (best if doneanonymously).
  13. First kiss, why do I get butterflies if it’s so gross? (No one’s first kiss is good; it's normally awkward and sloppy.)
  14. What's the best thing about my country?
  15. My bucket list for before I go to high school.
  16. Things I want to do before college is over.
  17. Getting along with my parents, I do because…/ I don't because…
  18. Fights with best friends, why do I have them and how can I solve them?
  19. Siblings, why are they so annoying? (Why I wish I had one.)
  20. What it takes be cool.
  21. If I had a car full of gas and I could go anywhere I wanted, I’d go to… Because…
  22. Is skipping classes really all that bad?
  23. Why days when there’s no homework are great. (Please appreciate the irony here.)
  24. What I normally think about or do on the bus ride home.
  25. Write a letter to someone you admire.
  26. If you had three wishes, what would you ask for and why?
  27. What do you think it’s like in high school?
  28. What do you think it’s like to be in college?
  29. What do you think it’s like to be an adult?
  30. Tell me about the movies you watch from your childhood that you don't want anyone to know you still do.

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