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Good Exploratory Essay Topics For Newbies In Academic Writing

“What exactly is an exploratory essay?” you may be asking yourself. Well, ironically, that very question could just about pass as an exploratory paper topic because these types of essays always start with a question! So if you've been staring at your assignment in a stupor, not knowing where to start, now you know!

Once you've decided upon your topic, make sure you phrase it into a question that is informative on the subject at hand. But what topic should you pick? If you're a newbie in academic writing, you may feel that the subject is so broad that it's difficult to hone your focus. Here are a couple of quick tips:

  • Write about a topic that interests you.
  • Write about something you're already quite knowledgeable about. That way, you won't waste any valuable studying time, and you can crack on with your academic masterpiece!

To help you further, I've listed fifteen subjects below to act as good examples of exploratory essay topics for academic writing. Hopefully they will inspire you to find the right theme for your own paper- and if you need more examples before deciding, then have a look online; you'll find plenty of topics if you look around.

  1. How much of an influence does the United States have over Europe today, both politically and culturally?
  2. Do Western governments help to fund terrorism in the Middle East (either intentionally or unintentionally), and if so, why?
  3. How vital were the seventeenth century Jesuit missions in achieving Christianity's global- dominance?
  4. In regards to the modern digital era, could too much information actually be devolving the human being?
  5. Will artificial intelligence one day rule the planet?
  6. Why is Under Milk Wood regarded as Dylan Thomas' masterpiece?
  7. Could we ever understand the Schrodinger's Cat Theory in practical terms?
  8. How has treatment of mental health disorders changed in the last hundred years?
  9. What implication would finding the God Particle have on our scientific understanding and is there really a Universal Theory of Everything?
  10. What impact did the film Thelma and Louise have on feminism in the 1990s?
  11. Out of all the states, why does Mississippi have the highest number of obese people?
  12. What impact did Nietzsche's declaration of 'God is dead' have on subsequent philosophies?
  13. How and why did Douglas Coupland's Generation X define a generation?
  14. Why do scientists disagree about global warming and what is the truth about it?
  15. How did Picasso change our understanding of modern art?

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