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A List Of Good Problem Solution Essay Topics To Explore

This type of essay presents either a specific solution to a challenge or presents a strong case that an urgent solution is needed for this challenge. Newspapers are an excellent place to find topical subjects and online chat rooms are brimming with complaints that might help you come up with your perfect idea. But the best topics for any work are found in your area of interest.

Here are a few ideas to consider.

  1. Should anything be done about bullying on Social Media?
  2. What is a proper intervention when your friend is depressed? Would encouraging a healthier lifestyle help?
  3. Should domineering and manipulative people be given therapy making them easier to work with?
  4. In what way can you intervene when you think a friend is making a poor decision?
  5. What steps can the community use in organizing help for the homeless? Is the Housing First project cost-effective?
  6. Should there be better rehabilitation of prisoners as a preventative for re-offending? Is the Bastoy Island prison method in Norway worth trying in more violent countries?
  7. What actions would reduce High School drop rates? Should ignoring the Race issue be illegal?
  8. What would encourage safe drive in teenagers? Or to avoid drink driving?
  9. Are the top players in sport paid too much? How much is too much? What would be a fair pay for their endeavors?
  10. College is expensive, how can students effectively ask for more money? Should colleges and universities prepare students in money management for debt minimization? Would paying for their own tuition make students more mature?
  11. What methods should a College Instructor take to encourage class attendance?
  12. How should a College deal with sexual harassment on Campus? Would social pressure, such as shaming, work?
  13. Should the entertainment industry be held accountable for the possible influence on viewers of violence in their media? Should Pop videos have age ratings?
  14. What obstacles prevent people in danger of suicide from seeking help?
  15. Should taking the lead in reducing long-term unemployment be a corporate responsibility? What would encourage them in this plan?

Any one of these choices could be worked into a solid problem question, each has a number of answers that you can use in convincing your reader that they are efficient and worthwhile.


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