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Essay Topics On Human Rights- A List Of Great Suggestions

One of the most used topic ideas is one on human rights. It is mostly because the general topic influences everyone. It is a great essay topic that plays on the emotions of mostly every student because there is likely some human rights issue or topic that will emotionally affect the student. You can write a great paper on a topic that you have some emotion in. you write so much better when it is on a topic that you really understand or one the affects you personally. There is at least one human rights issue that effects every person in some way so this is a great topic to write about.

Coming up with a topic to right your paper on will not be easy. You will have to work to choose a topic that is relevant to you and your situation so that you can make sure that you can apply the concepts that you have learned in class to write it effectively. Here are some great topics to consider. You can use this list to come up with some ideas of your own.

  1. Adequate Housing
  2. Administration of Justice
  3. Human Rights and Business
  4. Committee on the Rights of the Child
  5. Human Rights Committee
  6. United Nations Study on Violence against children
  7. Death Penalty
  8. Equal participation in public and political affairs
  9. Arbitrary Detention
  10. Cultural rights
  11. Good governance
  12. Financial crisis and human rights
  13. Persons with disabilities
  14. Internal displacement
  15. International order

Once you have chosen your topic, work on developing an effective thesis statement that captures the main point that you are trying to portray with your paper. It should be a one sentence or a few sentence long summary of the entire paper. Every other sentence should work to prove this statement. It is an important piece of the paper and should be strong.

You can create an outline to make sure that you are organizing your ideas the best way and making a paper that works to prove that thesis. It is such a good way to focus on your main topic because you are developing the main points that you will talk about in your paper. It helps to make sure that you stay on topic and focus on that point and not get off track.


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