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Twenty Examples Of Great Process Analysis Essay Topics

Process analysis topics are essays that focus on explaining how something works or how a certain thing can be done. They provide a step by step process of how someone can perform a certain task. When writing this type, it’s important to be very elaborate and use simple, understandable language so that it’s easy to follow through.

This type of essay follows the common essay writing style;

  1. Introduction- this is the first paragraph of your work. It should contain a brief description of your topic what you are going to lead the reader through. It should be informative and welcoming to the reader.

  2. Content/Body -in this section you should carefully write down the procedure for the task to be performed. Be careful to provide the steps in a chronological manner so as not to confuse the reader.

  3. Conclusion -this is the finishing part of your writing. In it, you should summarize the whole content and make sure you provide no additional alternatives so that you don’t confuse the reader.

Before drafting this type of essay you should carefully vet the topic and make sure that you are absolutely familiar with the topic. You stand to earn better points in your essay if you can go in-depth with instructions by providing possible outcomes for each step stated. A good process analysis essay should contain a back-up plan instruction set for when the reader or undertaker of the task meets difficulty. However, the optional instructions should be provided in such a way that they don’t confuse the reader. In order to earn higher points you should be in a position to know what the audience already knows about the process, their common queries and preference when it comes to the procedure you are writing about.

The list below suggests examples of process analysis topics that you may consider useful:

  1. How to control one's finances
  2. How to land a dream job
  3. How to lose weight
  4. How to keep a relationship interesting
  5. How to train your pet
  6. How to open an email account
  7. How to upgrade your smart phone OS
  8. How to manage anger
  9. How to apply for an abroad scholarship
  10. How to budget for a holiday
  11. How to download and install computer upgrades
  12. How to deal with an office bully
  13. How to get a promotion at your workplace
  14. How to open an online money transfer account
  15. How to deal with a temperamental child
  16. How to maintain strong, healthy hair
  17. How to develop a reading culture
  18. How to prepare for a test
  19. How to keep a healthy teeth
  20. How to handle breakups

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