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The Best Strategy For Writing A Response Essay

When writing a response essay you either agree or disagree with content read while summarizing work written by an author. You are simply sharing your insight on how the work affected you personally. If you liked it then state why, and if you didn’t your paper should reflect the same. Understanding how to write a paper of this nature includes reviewing ways you can develop and write your own material. The following points offer an idea on possible strategies you can use to assist in the writing process.

Find Other Papers to Study

Finding other papers to review gives a clear idea of what to write and what the assignment is about. You can use online databases with academic papers shared by other students. Seeking example content will give guidance on steps to take in order to produce a quality paper. You can use the example to help you develop a topic, structure an outline and get basic insight on how to organize ideas.

Determine Good Topic

A good topic is something you can produce a well written response as it references to your personal opinion or feelings. This means you need to define an element of the subject matter to discuss in your paper you feel the need to respond to. A good topic will generally say what your response is to the text but with an element of curiosity to make people want to read your paper. A good topic comes from understanding the perspective of the content and how you came to your conclusion (thesis statement) on what the purpose of the content is.

Develop Outline

The outline helps organize and structure your response. Think about details to include that help build your case. The outline will make writing your essay much easier. This makes it easier to think about your response and organize details to ensure it will be written clearly for thorough understanding.

Write Rough Draft and Revise

Your rough draft will be developed from your outline. The outline cuts the writing process in half since notes and ideas on the page get turned into sentences and paragraphs. Your rough draft gives an idea of the final paper, but you may need to make changes to clarify ideas and improve overall presentation of your paper. This is a good time to check guidelines for the assignment and make revisions.


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