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The Best Way To Write A Synthesis Essay From Scratch

There is no much difference between a synthesis essay and a research paper only that in a synthesis essay, you have a discussion that refers on more than one source. The aim of a synthesis essay is to test the writer’s ability to infer relationships between different sources such as journals, books, magazines and so forth. Many students think that it is hard to write a synthesis essay a notion that is not right. In fact, if you have ever written any research paper, then it means you have also written a synthesis essay. Below are points to guide you in writing a synthesis essay.

Purpose of writing

Before you start writing your essay, have a clear purpose on what you are writing about. Make sure you have read and understood your assignment well. For instance ask yourself, what am I trying to achieve in my essay? How will this purpose guide the way I will approach my sources?

Select your sources carefully

Ensure you choose source that will serve your purpose. While reading on these sources, take note of them by underlining or labeling them.

Compose your thesis

A thesis is basically an idea that summarizes your argument in the essay. Your thesis statement should have two variables i.e. dependent and independent. It should be brief and to the point. Remember it is your thesis statement that will guide your argument in the entire essay therefore it should be well formulated.

Decide on how you will apply your sources

Ask yourself, how will the information from the sources you have used help attain your objective? Go through your sources again and take note of the key points that will help support your thesis.

Organizational plan

After deciding on how you will use your sources come up with an organizational plan depending on your thesis. Decide on the outline that you will use to arrange your work. Although you may not need to formally put it down yet, just have it in your mind.

First draft

Write down a draft of your synthesis essay with the outline you had in mind. While you do this give room or space for new ideas that you may incorporate later.

Document your sources

Use the recommended style of writing to write your sources.

Revise your synthesis essay

Before you hand in your essay, take time to proofread in order to check for grammatical errors and also if you have abided by all the assignment requirements.


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