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The Best Approach To Compose A Definition Essay On Procrastination

A definition essay is a fairly simple piece of writing to complete. Once you understand the concept that you are being asked to define, you just have to explain it successfully to your potential readers. The largest problem you are likely to encounter is having a fundamental misunderstanding of the term that you have been assigned but even this can be easily corrected. If you are to define the term ‘procrastination’, here is a method by essay geek, you can use to write a good essay.

Find basic definitions

The first step here can be to use a dictionary to look up the word. Having discovered what it means to procrastinate you can begin to look for more in-depth definitions. There may have been subtle changes in the word’s spelling and meaning over time that only become apparent if you are aware f the word’s origin. Even pronunciations and spellings have been known to change over time which can very well disguise a word’s real etymology.

Construct a concept map of all the related terms

You can place the word ‘procrastination’ in the middle of a page and write out the terms related to it that come to mind most readily. These can help you in the creation of some of the supporting paragraphs.

Do a mock-up of the essay

Once you have reached this stage you can begin to compose the actual plan. It will have the same general structure as your finished product but will be easier to manipulate.

Look for holes in your explanations

As you start out writing you will note that some of your original decisions may not have been best. You can pay close attention to these at this point and see where your analyses may not have been adequate. Wherever these holes occur, you should think about them carefully so that you can eradicate them and make the paper more closely reflect the word’s meaning.

Polish the finished product

Having reached this far all you truly need to do is put in the finishing touches. Proofread, edit and consider where any remaining problems could be. This will leave you with exactly what you need to submit to your teacher.

If you truly want to be able to write this essay type well, do as many of them as possible.


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