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Composing A Great Essay On Global Warming: 5 Useful Suggestions

During middle school, high school, and university, you’ll have to write a large number of essays on a wide variety of topics. At lower levels of education, essay writing often focuses on the writing process itself, rather that on the content or subject matter. It’s important to learn how to construct an argument and express yourself in writing, with a clear logical progression and readable prose; writing is an important communication skill that you’ll use for the rest of your life. When you have some leeway in terms of what you can write about, one of the most fertile topics for many different types of writing is global warming. Global warming is a scientifically complex and politically controversial topic, with many facets and many opposing viewpoints that you can consider. Within the topic of “global warming,” there are many thing you can write about, from the impact of rising temperatures on animal populations, to the political ramifications of preventing climate change from occurring. Here are five useful suggestions for coming up with a great essay about global warming.

  • Narrow your subject down. “Global warming,” in and of itself, is too broad a topic for a basic academic essay. However, it contains a wealth of subtopics that you can talk about. Global warming has scientific and social aspects, either of which you could choose to focus on.

  • Figure out what your opinions are. There is still some debate as to whether global warming is a “real” phenomenon, and how it will impact humanity and the Earth in the future. Some people do not believe that global warming is even happening. Researching the science of climate change can help you figure out what you believe about this politically controversial topic.

  • Consider writing about the science of global warming. One good idea for a paper on global warming is a discussion of its impact on something else. There have been numerous studies, for example, about the effects of rising temperatures on the locations and movements of animal populations, on weather patterns, and on other processes on Earth. Any of these effects of global warming could be the topic of a paper.

  • Consider writing about the politics of global warming. There’s a lot of heated political debate about global warming and climate change, which can be a fertile source for material for your academic paper.

  • Back up your claims with facts. Whether you’re writing about global warming from a scientific perspective, or in terms of politics, you’ll need to find reputable sources to find more information to use in your essay.

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