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20 Rare Discursive Essay Topics You Can Write About

Although discursive essays are quite similar to argumentative papers, there are some important differences to keep in mind. In a discursive assignment, you should develop a perfect balance between different arguments. It is necessary to avoid extremes and find a middle path. The following quick tips and a list of sample topics to consider will help you compose a stronger assignment.

Composing a Strong Discursive Essay: Quick Tips

A good beginning is vital. You need to select an appropriate topic that you will be able to analyze considering different aspects. Some students advise to look around and consider writing about something familiar, e.g. your everyday routine, local community, family relations, etc.

However, make sure that you avoid a reflective or descriptive voice. There is a well-defined pattern on how to compose a discursive essay, so do not hesitate to get a good sample for further reference.

Choosing an Interesting Topic for Your Discursive Assignment: Sample Topic Ideas

You can brainstorm to come up with an interesting idea for your essay or study the list of 20 rare sample topic ideas to get inspired:

  1. What is more important content or illustrations in website design?
  2. Can video games help children become better persons?
  3. Should some sports be banned because they may increase aggression?
  4. Should professional sportsmen be allowed to take some kinds of drugs to improve their performance?
  5. Is it a good idea to keep a school uniform in a private school?
  6. Should the celebrities’ way of life be an example to follow for teenagers?
  7. What is more important for high school students attending additional study sessions after classes or spending time doing social activities?
  8. Is it possible to overcome poverty in the poorest countries?
  9. Should people have the right to decide what movies they want to see on the big screens?
  10. Should tablets and smartphones be allowed in all schools?
  11. Are we justified in polluting the environment?
  12. Should hybrid vehicles be promoted more effectively in Asia?
  13. Are developed countries actually evolving towards a sustainable future?
  14. Should nuclear families be encouraged in poor countries?
  15. Can the heavy industry be banned with the immediate environmental effect?
  16. Are live-in relations better as compared to marriage?
  17. Should women have the right to decide whether to abort regardless of medical staff recommendations?
  18. Should students select all the courses in college?
  19. Can scientists come up with a solution on how to adapt to climate change?
  20. Should every person know a foreign language?

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