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Coming Up With Good Essay Writing Topics On Technology

Writing a good essay on technology is not that tough. The first thing that you will have to do is read up on the journals and magazines that describe all the recent trends and gizmos. If you are familiar with all the recent development in the field of technology then you probably have a few ideas on what to write. But writing some of the specifications and a drab review is something that will fail to make the cut.

What you need instead is an interesting topic that incorporates the modern marvels of technology. The essay does not have to be written in praise of a certain innovation rather it should be thought provoking and explain the properties in such a way that a layman understand. Not everyone is expert when it comes to technological marvels and using too many such words can earn you disapproval of the professor. Instead use simple terms and come up with interesting topic that will impress your teacher and get you better grades.

Finding a good topic

  • So how do you come up with interesting topics that does not require too much technical knowledge? Well for a first you will have to go through the magazines and blogs that have active discussion on modern inventions. You will not get the topic printed in bold letters but read between the lines and you will come up with interesting concepts that will be good for an essay. Say you read about a modern smart phone with a plethora of feature that claims to make life smooth. Below the review there will be many complains that users would have posted after their experience. You can write on the irony of the situation and how humans are spending their time doing useless stuff and bickering about it.

  • New wine in old bottle. Another place you can get good topics is social networking sites. There are various groups and pages where such discussions are carried out by active members. You can very well take an online interview of one such gizmo geek and highlight his lifestyle and how technology has an active participation in it. You can of course write on the age old debate of the good and evils of technology. But do not give the same points that have been repeated in thousands of essays before yours. Instead try to make it more interactive and engaging to the reader by asking questions and giving the probable answers.

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