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Academic Writing Tips: The Main Elements Of A Good Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is one of the many academic pieces you will come across during the course of your career. It is not necessarily one you will have to create every year but it is one that you may face once or twice. The narrative essay is something where you narrate a story to your reader. It is one unique in that it is much more creative competitor research paper.

In some cases your teacher may allow you to select a topic on wrong and instances such as this provides you with the wonderful opportunity to select something with which you are already familiar and perhaps have a close knowledge of or passion for.

The main elements of a good narrative essay are as follows:

  • A coherent and logical argument. Whatever you are presenting in your narration must be coherent much the same as a thesis or topic must be coherent. You need a thesis statement at the beginning of your documents the same as you do any other piece of writing. Even creative writing requires a thesis. It also requires a coherent amount of flow between each section.
  • The introduction is a component necessary for introducing to the reader the roadmap that they will follow during the course of reading your final product. It should include information on each of the body paragraphs that you plan to cover and what they are going to gain from it. This should flow easily into the actual start of your narration and each narrating paragraph should flow into the next with ease. This should happen until you reach the conclusion at which point you were afforded the opportunity to wrap up everything that you previously narrated to your reader and to leave them with any remaining thoughts necessary to really drive home the purpose of your story.
  • Other components necessary include a good organizational structure. The organizational structure that you choose to use is truly contingent upon your professional or personal style as well as the store you are presenting. Some students prefer to organize the main body paragraphs based on their strongest point all the way down to their weakest point while other students prefer to do the exact opposite. If you have an outline you can play around with the various styles to determine which order presents the best logical flow and helps to move your story along.

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